Wristlet Duo DIY Kit

Wristlet Duo DIY Kit


This kit comes with material to create two wristlet key chains. Wristlets were one of our best sellers this past year and continue to be very popular.

This kit is colour customizable & includes directions on creating a spiral design wristlet. The wristlet can also be sized smaller or larger depending on who it is for!

This fun DIY Kit is accessible for anyone able to tie knots & follow along with either video or print instructions. Great to do alone, with a friend or give as a gift . The kit also comes with our Basic Knot guide to stick with you on your next project!

In this kit you will find:

- 2 x lobster clasp key chain toggles

- 36 ft. 100% Recycled Cotton Braided Cord.

- Two forms of instruction (video tutorial & print)

Video instructions:

- tutorial on 4 basic macrame knots

- tutorial for making a special wristlet

Print instructions:

- Illustrations with written instructions on how to do the 4 basic macrame knots

- Step by step written instructions on creating the wristlet

Please note that the following are needed for this project but are not included with the kit: Scissors, measuring tape

Happy Crafting!

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