Kitchen Kangaroo - Made to Order

Kitchen Kangaroo - Made to Order


Combining the designs of our Fruit Hammock & Pea Pod, we've created our newest little space saver: the Kitchen Kangaroo. The Kitchen Kangaroo is a pouch to pocket things you’d like to keep off of your counters. This little pouch has various potential uses such as a bread basket, a fruit hammock, or a place to pop your mail. Handmade in our little workshop with an OekoTex certified braided cord made with Recycled Cotton braided cord made with Recycled Cotton and hung on 11 inch long dowels, the Kitchen Kangaroo is approx 17 inches in length and can hang from 4 mug hooks.


**Please note that mug hooks are not included but they are easy to find in standard hardware/houseware shops.


Be sure to measure your cabinet width before you order to check if our standard width works for you. If you would like the width of dowel custom sized to your cabinet within 2 inches larger or smaller, please let us know the size. Otherwise, it will be a standard 11 inches in width.

As each is made to order, these items ship 4-10 days after ordering.